Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SRF's Silver Sundown Now Registered Mountain Pleasure

In addition to his Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, and American Gaited registrations, SRF's Silver Sundown is now also registered with the Mountain Pleasure Horse Association. For those of you looking for that outstanding stallion that can bring quality traits to your herd, look no farther than Western World Grand Champion SRF's Silver Sundown. His accomplishments are many. From the time he began showing as a three year old, he has shown unlimited potential. He's risen to the challenge every time. He has earned High Point awards every year he's been shown in many different divisions with a variety of riders including:

Amateur Classic
Men's Open Trail
4 YO High Point Classic Stallinons & Geldings
Three Phase High Point (dressage, stadium obstacle, cross country)
Stallions Trail Pleasure
Trail Pleasure Championship
Open Western Trail
High Money Horse

Silver has a phenomenal temperament! He is the horse chosen for the least experienced trail riders in our group and he was even the first horse that Baby Ruby ever got to 'ride'. His gait and conformation are excellent as well. Silver is the complete package. These fine qualities and traits have been passed on to the foals that have begun arriving. When you're considering a stallion for your mares this year, you can't beat SRF's Silver Sundown. See the Stallions page of the web site for more information about this outstanding stallion.

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