Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gaited Horse Clinic March 7

Stoner Ridge Farm will be the location of a Gaited Horse Clinic on March 7th starting at 9:oo. The event is being sponsored by the UMH Youth under the direction of Terry Kleier. Several different 'mini-clinics' will be presented. Certified UMH Judge, Kelley France, will be making a presentation "From the Judge's Point of View." Participants will be given information that will help them hone their showing skills in order to make a favorable impression in the show ring. World Champion Equitation rider, Natalie Wright, will be presenting the fine art of Equitation riding. Robert Lawson will be teaching trail obstical techniques from his Foundation First Mountain Horse Training TM principles. Participants will learn how to get horses to move away from pressure, side pass, turn their horse on the haunches, turn on the forehand, etc. - all critical attributes for competing successfully in trail obstacle competitions. We currently have already selected demo horses for this clinic. Call Terry if you need additional information at 859.991.0876/ The charge for the day is only $10.

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