Sunday, February 22, 2009

Show Season

I am getting excited as we begin the process of getting ready for show season. The vet has been here to do spring vaccinations. We're getting ready to blanket the horses so that they can start shedding their winter coats. The show committee has determined the date for most shows and we've been emailing show bills around to make sure we have included everything for the upcoming shows. At SRF we've been looking at our calendar to see which shows we'll participate in. We are planning to compete UMH and some KMSHA and RMH as the schedule permits. I've made reservations for Asheville, NC and Prestonsburg. I will be glad to include a reservation for our clients if you'll let me know which shows you will be able to attend with us. It is so much more fun when we are able to be together. Be sure to check the SRF web site and the web sites of the various associations for show dates and show bills. It's gonna be great!

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