Sunday, March 15, 2009

Road to the Horse 2009

Our congratulations to Richard Winters for winning the Road to the Horse competition in Franklin, TN today! He did an oustanding job working his horse in the round pen yesterday and continued what he started today. He had the right combination of sensitivity and control that helped his horse learn. The trail obstacle part of the program was the most challenging we've seen. Horses had to walk, trot, canter, back, turn a 180, and the riders had to mount and dismount. Then they had to go through the obstacles which included serpentines, spiraling raised poles, regular ground poles, elevated poles, lasso, drag, jump, and the patience box (horses had to stand calmly as long as possible). Finally, there was an optional obstacle where the horse had to approach a cage of live chickens. All the competitors, Richard Winters, John Lyons, and Tommy Garland did a fantastic job with their quarter horses. We had a blast!

Be sure to make room in your calender - next Saturday, March 21st, Stoner Ridge Farm will be hosting the Natural Horse Vet (R) Natural Horsemanship Trainer's Challenge. Three Merry Go Blue geldings will be started in round pens by trainers Chris Tipton, Tim Scarberry, and Clinton Jones. Our judges will be Laurie Quincey, Charlie DeAtley, and Erin DeAtley. We are excited about the competition. It is an opportunity to see Mountain Horse training at it's best!

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