Sunday, March 8, 2009

We Have 3 Extra Road to the Horse Tickets

If you have never attended The Road to the Horse Competition, it's a phenomenal event. It is a trainer's challenge where nationally known trainers start 3 year old gelding quarter horses and then take them through a series of obstacles with just three hours training. This year John Lyons will be among the trainers. You can go to their web site to learn more The event will be held in Franklin, TN on March 14-15. It begins at 11:00 on Sat. Well, Robert and I purchased a block of 6 tickets this year, but we only need three of them. We'd be glad to sell the tickets for what they cost us - $57 each. The event is sold out. We also have an extra room that is reserved for the weekend. Please let us know by Wednesday March 11th if anyone is interested. We've attended 3 or 4 trainer's challenges and thoroughly enjoy it every year. We hate to see these tickets go to waste.


  1. Hi Lyngle,

    I finally talked Rick into going this weekend, so I guess you only have two tickets left. See you Friday.