Sunday, April 18, 2010

Equine Affaire 2010

April 2nd - 4th found Stoner Ridge Farm at the Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH. Even though we had planned to attend without horses this year, we were called on to help out due to a last minute cancelation. Fortunately, we are blessed with some wonderful horses to train and enjoy. Blueberry Wine and SRF Silver's Sundown were excellent representatives for the Mountain Horse breeds throuh United Mountain Horse. They had three opportunities to help educate folks about how wonderful these horses are due to their four beat lateral gait and their phenomenal dispositions. The most exciting performance was on Sunday morning. Blueberry, Silver, and Blue on Black (owned by VBF) did their demo between Stacie Westfall and John Lyons. John had sevral obstacles in the arena for his performance so the fellas (Robert, Mike, and S.T.) took full advantage of the opportunity. The three horses also rode around the ring right beside each other - the mare between two breeding stallions. You would never have known though because they were perfect gentlemen (and Blueberry was a perfect lady ). They were awesome! After the performance, John shook Robert's hand and said, "Good Training!" He also complimented Blue on Black for his beautiful canter. It was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to share the umbrella of services that UMH provides the Mountain Horse community.

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