Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silver's Blue Plate Special Wins American Competitive Trail Horse Competition

Congratulations to Robert and Silver's Blue Plate Special for their outstanding ride at the ACTHA ride held April 17th at the Kentucky Equestrian Center. Kudos to Erin as well for her ride on Pepper's Just Plain Pretty. They placed 5th out of 18 riders in the Open Division. Out of 120 points, there were only 7 points that separated the top 5 horses. Four of the five were gaited horses (way to go!).

ACTHA, American Competitive Trail Horse Association, is a brilliant concept. Anyone can put on a ride. The goal is to have at least a 6 mile ride with at least 6 obstacles. The rides are for all breeds of horses both gaited and non-gaited. Registration is on-line. Horses earn life-time points and rewards. Groups can ride out together regardless of their division. Horses and riders receive points separately. Robert and Erin were just planning to go for the experience and were pleasantly surprised with the result. If you'd like more information, log on to www.actha.us. We'd like to participate in future rides. It was a lot of fun! Way to go Robert and Erin.

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