Tuesday, April 5, 2011

America's Favorite Trail Horse

Robert, Mike, and Lyngle will all be heading out on Friday morning to Bristol, TN for the first opportunity to audition for ATCHA's America's Favorite Trail Horse. We will have 4 obstacles: gait over poles, stop, sidepass, and back a figure 8. There will also be a 45 second free style and an interview. The try-outs in phase one will qualify 100 horse/rider teams to compete for the title (see more at www.actha.us). The final competition will be in Austin, TX in May. Competitors will be coached by equine celebrities as they vie for the title. The try-outs and the competition itself will be televised on HRTV (possibly more) and America will get to vote. Everyone is excited to have this opportunity. Wish us luck!

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