Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're Going to Texas!

Congratulation to Michael Butler and MX Wrangler! They are going to Texas to be in the finals for America’s Favorite Trail Horse. What an exciting opportunity - auditioning for a reality TV show! Well, the Stoner Ridge Farm crew just couldn’t resist when we learned about the competition. Bristol, TN was the first location we attended. Robert rode Silver. Mike rode Wrangler, and I rode Stormy. All the horses did soooo well. There were 4 obstacles: gait (trot) over poles, side pass, stop, and back a figure 8. Wrangler’s Freestyle consisted of Mike cantering both ways, ground tie with Mike crawling under his belly, remounting on the off side and remounting facing the wrong way – then he slid off Wrangler backwards. Not bad for 45 seconds!
The second audition was in Franklin, IN. Robert rode Penny and Mike rode Nugget. Martha Gilley and Judy Brummer also traveled with the guys. All the horses did well once again.
Congratulations H.T. Derickson / Blue on Black and Judy Brummer / Legendary Lady who will also be going to TX. We are in the planning stages and will keep you informed. You can follow the competition on the facebook page: The American Competitive Trail Horse Association. The program will be shown in September and America will vote. Gotta love Mike and Wrangler - what a team!

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  1. Congratulations--wishing you the best of luck!
    Debby Eichelberger
    LexStone Ranch
    Bellville, TX