Monday, July 6, 2009

Lexington Jr. League Horse Show

Stoner Ridge Farm had the privilege of presenting the colors tonight at the Lexington Jr. League Horse Show at the Red Mile. It is the second time we've been invited to be part of this prestigious show. The show has a 73 year history in Lexington and is one of the largest Saddlebred shows in the world. Charlie rode RRF Gold Nugget and carried the American flag. Mike rode SRF's Silver Sundown and carried the Kentucky State flag. There was a great crowd and they were very appreciative of our breed of horse even though it is different from the breed that is showcased at the Jr. League show. We had several friends who came to watch. Steve (owner of the horses) was even able to watch all the way from MN on live streaming video. The boys got a lot of coverage . . . there was some sort of technical problem and the ring master kept motioning them on around again. They were even featured on our local news at 11:00. It was a great experience and we really appreciate the opportunity!

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