Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Serious Riding Accident

Wilda Derickson was seriously injured in a riding accident late yesterday afternoon. Bob learned about the accident around 6:00 last night. His brother-in-law from Campton called and said he heard that Wilda had been air lifted from Campton but didn’t have any details. The accident happened about 4:30. We finally got in touch with Vera (Wilda's daughter) and she told us that Wilda, H.T. and some others had been trail riding up at Big Andy in Campton. They were going down a hill and Wilda’s horse started going sideways. You know how that pitches you forward anyway. She was straightening him/her (can’t remember) up and somehow went over his head. There may be more to it than this but it is what I understood Vera to say. It knocked Wilda out but she was eventually able to get back on her horse to try to ride out. After about a half mile, she started having trouble breathing and was in pain so she just couldn’t continue. Someone rode out to where they could get cell service. A helicopter came and they carried her out to meet it. She is at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Vanessa was waiting when the helicopter arrived. Vera waited for H.T. to get back home and they left from Stanton to go to the hospital in Lexington. I talked to Vera again last night about 7:30 or 8:00. At that time they were still assessing her condition but she had several broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and some bleeding on her brain. Vera also said they could not yet ‘rule out any spinal injuries.’ I know everyone will be praying for her. I always wish there was something I could do to help in tough times like this. If I know of anything we can do, I’ll get the word out. Please let us know if any of you hear any news.

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