Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Vera emailed several us early this (Wed.) afternoon. I'll just pass that on to everyone. Robert and I are planning to go to the hospital this evening. I'll post anything new we learn. Keep praying for Wilda and the family. It's tough when you have an injured loved one in the hospital as you all know.

From Vera:
Just a quick note to let everyone know that Mom is still in the emergency room being closely monitored, but she seems to be doing pretty good at this point. She has several broken ribs with a collapsed lung. They have inserted a tube and she will have that for a least a couple of days. They are running more tests, on her spine, they think her head is alright. She has a lot of pain at the base of her neck on her spine so that is why they are checking that out with a neurosurgeon. Lyngle got the info pretty straight about the accident. She and Dad were with about 18 others, but they have a tendency to ride very ruff trails. I have been on this hill and it is a very steep hill, the horse was wanting to go down it too fast and mom was trying to hold her back and then the battle was on. The horse took a leap on the hill and mom went forward. Some said they thought the horse stepped on her, and some say no, I don't think it did, since we don't see any hoof prints. It looks like she just hit the ground very hard on her head, since it did knock her out and she does have some knots on her head.

We appreciate your prayers and concerns, and I will try to keep everyone posted.

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