Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update on Wilda

Robert and I went to the UK Hospital last night to check on Wilda. We talked with H.T. but didn't go back to see her. There was some good news. Doctors were able to remove the chest tube which is a good sign. However, Wilda continues to be sick at her stomach. They did another CT scan last night about 8:00 PM to make make sure there isn't more bleeding. We didn't get the results though. The upset stomach could be coming from meds she's taking as well. You know how it is when you're trying to take medicine without having eaten anything. She was still in the ER. The 8th floor head trauma unit didn't have a bed available. H.T. said they thought she would actually be monitored more closely leaving her in the ER rather than her being in a regular room. While we were there, they did move her to room 209 which seemed to actually be a 'room' within the ER - not just a curtained area. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Wilda and the family.

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